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Political stance

We are currently a nation divided across party lines. We need to move away from partisan politics and start thinking on a national level. I want to serve as a bridge between people in this polarized time.

Our allegiance and loyalty should be to the country not to a party or a person.

Our unity is what makes us great; and our division is what weakens us.



We need a fair tax law that treats everybody equally. Corporations should not reap the benefits of low tax rates without sharing those benefits with their employees and communities.

The rich should be required to pay their fair share of taxes. The rate on capital gain is 15% and 20% while hard working people can be taxed at a rate of up to 37%

New jersey is considered of the donor states, which means our tax money is used to support other states. In 2017, New Jersey got back $0.82 per dollar paid in taxes to the federal government while some states get over $2.00 per tax dollar paid. That’s federal welfare on the state level and socialism at its best. Take from the rich state and give to other states.

In 2018 we paid about $138 Billion.

We got around $113 billion back.  That's $25 billion that could have been used for our schools, roads, transportation and medical cost. It could relieve some of the tax burden that NJ residents must endure.

Kentucky and West Virginia are only two examples of states that receive over $2.00 for every dollar paid by the state.

Kentucky received $2.35 for every dollar.

West Virginia $2.13 for every dollar. 

NJ should get back its fair share of federal tax money. We shouldn’t be paying to support other states when our state has one of the highest tax rates in the nation.



Immigration needs to be addressed with a logical approach. It is a known fact that most illegal immigrants come to the US for economic reasons, with a small percentage seeking asylum due to some type of persecution. We should provide the opportunity for people to come legally via work permits and increase in the immigration quota.

In addition, we should go after the people that hire illegal immigrants and penalize them for their unlawful acts.

As for the illegal immigrants currently in the US, ICE should be directed to target violent ones and those with criminal records. Directing ICE toward this category of illegal immigrants will negate the reason for sanctuary states or cities.

For the law abiding, working illegal immigrants, we should provide the option and time frame to apply for a work permit sponsored by their current employer, as most are hardworking law-abiding residents.


Gun control

I support sensible and responsible gun ownership.

The second amendment provides people with the right to bear arms and currently the nation is not ready to address changes to the second amendment.

I support national background checks as we need to make sure ineligible people don’t get access to weapons that could cause harm to them or others.

Hand guns and high-power rifles should be treated differently when it comes to obtaining them. There should be a more rigorous process to identify the need and reason for possessing such weapons.


Women and LGBT rights

Gender and sexual orientation shouldn’t be a factor in any issue relating to work consideration, social benefits eligibility or any matter.

Everybody should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of how they decide to live their live. Every individual in this country should have the same rights and responsibilities. We are all to be treated equally with no discrimination based on gender, religion, race, sexual orientation etc.

On birth control and abortion. I believe women should have access to all and every birth control available with no restriction. In addition, women should have access to safe and qualified physicians and facilities to have an abortion. However, in my opinion there should be some limitation on late term abortion. there should be a medical reason to perform a later term abortion. This can include risk to the mother life or the child having medical reasons which will prevent them for living a healthy and normal life 



There is no denying that climate change is happening. We need to address causes and implement measures to stop and reverse the progression of global warming.

This should start by reducing our reliance on fossil fuel for energy and adopt the usage of renewable energy.

In addition to the environmental impact, we should address the economic effect.

The world is moving toward renewable energy and energy efficient products. The USA shouldn’t be left behind. We need to be the leader in creativity and innovation as we have always been. If we are to keep promoting current energy standards, the US will lose its economic power and advantage as our products will become obsolete.



Our infrastructure is getting to be on the same level as undeveloped countries. The federal government needs to invest in upgrading the country’s infrastructure if we are to maintain our status as a world economic super power.

Our power grid is in shambles. Our bridges need replacements. Our ports and airports are falling behind on capacity and technological advancement.



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